Weekly focus – practice makes perfect

Making good use of some down time

Last week’s focus was featured the Hanged Man. He turned up twice in 24 hours from two different decks! The universe was literally shouting “stop” at the top of its voice. I didn’t take the not-so-subtle-advice. I kept going even though I felt awful. I’d caught my daughter’s cold. By mid-week, each family member caught this cold (and yes, we were testing for covid on a daily basis). However, we discovered that the Covid Fairy had sneaked in when we weren’t looking. First, my husband’s test strip showed a faint line. Then, as the week progressed, each one of us had varying strengths of lines on our tests. By Saturday, each test was unmistakable. Our uninvited guest was here for the duration!

The dreaded Covid fairy!

On to this week’s cards. I laughed out loud, before coughing, when I saw the Perfect Timing card. How utterly ironic. This weekend was my birthday. We had plans. Had. Then we didn’t. They are on hold for now. So how on earth is this perfect timing? My feeling is that this is an invitation to make the most of being grounded and under house arrest.

With this prefect timing, we can practice skills that we don’t usually have much time for. In my case I am usually squeezing meditation, tarot reading and writing blog posts into an already-packed daily schedule. Now, with my entire diary wiped clean for the next 9 days (according to my Covid app), I have the time to play around with a few ideas.

What would you do with some unexpected free time? What skills could do with a little honing? Is there an educational course you’d like to attend? Obviously it would be online if the Covid fairy is visiting you too!

Wherever you are, and whatever you are up to this week, I wish you health and contentment.

Julie xx