Weekly focus – a new stalker card on the scene.

This is the 4th outing for the 6 of cups in two weeks!

So what do you do when a card keeps turning up? Change your shuffling style? Did that. Change deck? Did that too. Accept there’s a message that’s so far not been heard? Indeed. I’ve done all of those things and yet here we are again.

The 6 of Cups is all about the past, nostalgia, innocence and childhood. In our busy lives we may find little time to let loose our inner child. You know what they say… all work and no play etc. For the sake of our mental and physical health, it’s vital to entertain that inner child with simple fun things like colouring books, playing games, kicking up leaf piles or whatever it is that isn’t adulting and makes you smile.

There is one other thing you can do in the face of a stalker card… do a tarot reading!

  • Why is this card appearing so often?
  • What can be learned from it?
  • What is the way forward from this lesson?
  • How can you benefit from this card’s message?

Given the Green Witch Oracle card, Rosemary, for memory, I strongly suspect that something from the past may be at the route of the 6 of Cups popping up so often. Although it is lovely to reminisce, it is important to try to remove any rose-tinted glasses and see the past in full colour. If the situation was unpleasant, it may well be time to let that energy go as it no longer serves you in the present.

Meanwhile, you can take comfort from the Angel Oracle card that whatever the reason for repeated appearances, there is nothing to worry about. Whatever the reason, it is likely be something that has happened in the past. This can’t be changed, but you can change your response… as the Angel card advises, infuse loving thoughts into the situation and allow the Divine to work out the rest.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

Julie xx