Code of ethics

My philosophy is the that Tarot uncovers what we already know but have hidden in our subconsciousness. Once ‘know’, we can make our decisions based on this knowledge. My clients are treated equally and with respect. There’s no such thing as a silly question, and I will do my best to help you in an open-minded, honest and not-judgemental manner.

My guiding principle is to ‘do no harm’. Honesty and integrity are key to all my readings. I will tell you truthfully what I see, with empathy and compassion, and a level of humour when appropriate. I’m not a naturally gloomy person when faced with hard-to-hear news. I look for solutions to difficulties and will offer whatever wisdom and intuitive insight I can to enhance your reading experience.

  1. Readings are in confidence between you, my client, and me. I will never share your personal information or readings with other parties, unless I feel lives are at risk and I have a moral responsibility to report to the relevant authorities.
  2. I am not a fortune-teller. I do not believe that Tarot readings reflect any sort of inevitable future. I will always remind you that you can affect the outcomes of any reading and that your free will and personal responsibility are fully your own.
  3. My sessions are no substitute for medical, legal, or therapeutic care, not any other profession advice for which I am not qualified. In such cases, I will urge you in the most strenuous and clear terms, to seek professional guidance.
  4. I will decline giving any reading which may violate my personal ethics.
  5. Readings cannot be given about anyone other than you.
  6. Readings will not knowingly be given to clients who appear under 18 years old, without permission from a parent or guardian.
  7. I cannot take responsibility for the consequences of any actions you may choose to take after receiving a reading! You, the client, have the power to exercise your free will. (see point 2)
  8. In addition, I am committed to the ongoing study and practice of my craft, so that my clients can be confident they are receiving the highest levels of care and expertise.