About Nenya’s Tarot

It all started with the Angels, more specifically a deck of Angel Oracle Cards. I noticed that they had an uncanny knack for giving great advice for the day or week ahead. I bought a tarot deck to see if I could replicate the same success, but just couldn’t remember all the meanings and spreads etc. Even though I was frustrated, I kept going. I noticed that certain cards seemed to stalk me, turning up repeatedly through the week. It was as if they needed to make sure I ‘got the message’.

I ignored them! More fool me.

Fast-forward a few years and it’s Lockdown 1.0 in the UK. What to do now that we’re grounded? The oracle deck had the answer… study. So I did. I enrolled in Biddy Tarot’s certification program. I loved it. Practicing my new-found skills on the Free Tarot Reading platform, I passed my exams, got great reviews from the clients, and kept it all to myself.

Lockdown 3.0 got me thinking outside my comfort zone… toying with the idea that I should spread the love and make my services more available… and here I am, ready to unlock advice for whatever situation you find yourself in.