Weekly focus – there’s always hope

A new deck to learn

Gosh… what a long break away from the blogosphere. Some times you just have to take a break away when something no longer brings you the joy it once did. While on my sabbatical, I found a new oracle deck to play with… The Green Witch Oracle. As a keen gardener I was naturally attracted to this deck. It seems to enhance the overall message from the Tarot and Angels. In short, I have a good feeling about this deck.

As a left to right reader, I’d normally start with this way round but I think this week’s cards are better read the other way.

Being honest with ourselves take a great deal of courage, especially if we may have fallen short of expectations in other’s or our own eyes. However, this courage does not go unrewarded. Your Angels are there to help you through difficult times.

And our Tarot characters certainly seem to be in difficulties. But they needn’t stay that way. If they were honest with themselves, they could ask ‘how did we get here?’ And the next question might be ‘how do we get out of this?’ Knowing that your Angels have got your back and can show you the way forward helps you learn from the situation and gives you hope, as indicated by the Green Witch oracle card.

No matter the challenge you face this week, lean on your Angels and hope for a better outcome.

Wishing you all a healthy and contented week.

Julie xx