Weekly focus – Judging with the heart or the head?

A balanced approach needed when changing up your working life

Welcome back to these weekly draws. I was out of circulation for a while due to forgetting to take my own advice and look after myself! I’m on the mend and back reading tarot again.

This week I’m using the Gilded Tarot deck. I just love the artwork, even on the most dreaded cards. This week’s draw generally doesn’t fall into the ‘dreaded’ category. Justice is almost always a positive energy card. She’s reminding you that finding a balance when faced with decisions and making judgement calls can be tricky. Sometimes things are not quite what they seem to be, so do not rely on solely on tangible evidence. Check in with your intuition (hence the blindfold) and weigh up the options. Think with your head and your heart, but err on the side of your head.

This card works particularly well with this week’s Angel oracle card – Entrepreneur. If, like many of us post-lockdowns, you feel it’s time for a career shake-up then you may think about becoming your own boss. This most certainly will involve major research on your part, to ascertain if this is the right direction for you. Use the energy of the Justice card to help you.

Whatever decisions your are faced with, if you’re called to make changes to your working life, take time to make your judgement calls, and work through your options methodically, with your head making the final call.

Good luck!

Julie xx