Weekly focus – starting with a clean slate

My weekly focus setup

What a wonderful break. In spite of high fuel prices, we made an epic trip north to visit family in Scotland. The only downside was missing the mild Easter weather. It didn’t make it to where we were, near the Cairngorms National Park, but did get as far as Edinburgh! I took the time to have a complete break away from reading tarot for others. I needed to recharge.

So here we are, back and refreshed. Let’s look at what’s in store for us this week.

Our Angels ask that we look at others and ourselves through their eyes. Try to avoid comparisons and judgement. Our Angels love us just as we are. Who are we to argue with this? Harsh judgement just gives us extra emotional baggage to carry around. No thank you to that unwanted weight.

The Ace of Pentacles gives us the opportunity to play with a nice clean slate, getting an idea or two out of our heads and onto paper, virtual or real. Ideas will remain just that, ideas in our heads, unless we write them down somehow. Pentacles ideas usually concern finances, careers and living spaces – our homes. As an earth suit, we can extend this to gardens of all types. From indoor plants, to window boxes and balcony planting, all the way to land as far as the eye can see.

Maybe a new financial investment opportunity is on the horizon. Investigate and consult with experts before making decisions. Perhaps a new job with improved terms and conditions will make itself known. For those of you who love gardening, a new planting project might be just the thing.

For me, I have a hankering to create a little aquatic planting section. I’ve never grown water plants and fancy giving it a go. I’m in the research phase – to see if my garden will be suitable and what to start with. Hopefully it will be a little haven for all sorts of creatures and well as a visual treat for us humans.

In summary, think kindly of others and yourselves. Get those ideas out of your heads and into reality. Grasp career and/or financial opportunities and enjoy the resulting abundance.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy week.

Julie xx