Daily draw – needs, wants and strategy

Make sure you come by your needs and wants without sneakiness!

What a great question to start the day… what do you desire? This isn’t the same as needs. The Angels are asking us to think about what we want… what would make our spirits sparkle with delight. If the answer is not immediate, then taking time to sit quietly and meditate on the question, may do the trick in bringing ideas to the fore.

The Seven of Swords has a cautionary message though. When it comes to taking what we need and want, make sure there’s no sneakiness involved. Strategy, yes, but not sneakiness. Taking short cuts or using subterfuge will get us what you want in the here and now, but it won’t be ours for long. Think of them as ill-gotten gains!

Instead, employ a little strategy. After discovering our true desires, work on a clear and above-board strategy to get them fairly and squarely. As the card shows, not all the swords are collected by the person… two are left behind. This says to me that we should take our fair share only, and nothing else.

Wishing you all your hearts desire.

Julie xx