Daily draw – more inner energy focus needed

Another reversal today!

Do you ever find yourself repeating the same patterns from the past? These are stuck emotional responses and it’s time to forgive that past situation, let the toxic feelings go, and prepare to accept some peace into your life. You don’t have to carry the emotional weight of the past. Practice forgiveness of yourself and of others. This does not mean you condone poor behaviour, more that you do not have to carry it anymore. Approach your future with a sense of hope in your heart.

We have another reversal today, so, clearly, we are being called to focus inwards to discover what we need this week. The lovely Page of Cups (r) has a feeling of not quite being able to trust your intuition, a feeling of not being enough for a particular task or project. Maybe you’ve had a fabulous idea, but, at the moment you just don’t feel like sharing it. Fear of failure or creative blocks can certainly make you want to hide your ideas from the world.

Remember yesterday’s weekly focus card, Strength (r)… it’s time to unleash our inner lion and trust that we have what it takes to get our creative ideas off the ground. Instead of asking ourselves ‘what if we fail?… try asking ‘what if we fly?’ Our inner lion will fight to make this a reality.

Have a safe and healthy day.

Julie xx