Weekly focus – Don’t worry, you’ve got this

Time for a pat on the back

This week our angels are giving us a pat on the back for all we have done so far. In a world obsessed with social media, we can get sucked down the rabbit hole of doom, the ‘how am I doing versus everyone else’ hole. As no one has walked in our own shoes, such comparisons only lead to feeling inadequate or inordinately smug! Neither of those feelings is helpful in finding a contented mind.

Instead of comparing ourselves to others, let’s take a moment to look back at where we were in a particular journey, and where we are now, even if it feels like we haven’t moved very far. The fact that we have moved at all is to be congratulated. Keep going. You will get there in your own good time.

One of the tools you will need on your journey is shown in this week’s reversed tarot card, Strength. Whenever you see a reversal, think how this energy is expressing itself within you, instead of around you. This week we are reminded that we do have what it takes to get the job done. We may feel we don’t… who hasn’t had a dose of self-doubt in their lives? But you really do have an inner lion at the ready.

This reversal may also show up when your spiritual batteries are running low, possibly due to an atmosphere of raw emotion. In this case, be gentle with yourself. Pat yourself on the back and let your inner lion help you inch forward towards balance and grounding again.

Wishing you all strength and health.

Julie xx