Daily focus – leading with intuition

Getting to the heart of things

In today’s world the focus is on logic and using your head to navigate your way through life. Intuition is looked upon with scorn, labelled as a bit ‘woo woo’ and out there. You’ve be forgiven for thinking there’s no place for intuition in decision-making today.

However, today’s daily draw disagrees. Even the crystal choices for today are strongly connected to intuition and the heart chakra. So, on to the heart of the matter (I’m sorry – couldn’t resist). When it comes to treating your heart chakra, rose quartz is great – bringing you deep inner healing and love. The snowflake obsidian is also fabulous for enhancing intuition. You can show your heart chakra some love with yoga poses. Be sure these are safe for you before you try them. Sphinx and Cobra are the first that spring to mind, followed by my favourite, Warrior!

If yoga is not for you, you can always infuse your day with green, the colour of the heart chakra. Wear something green. If green is not your colour, you can always eat green. Apples, grapes, cucumbers, broccoli… whatever green food tingles your taste buds.

Our tarot card for today ties in beautifully with the Angel card. The Queen of Cups is the very embodiment of heart-centred living. She is compassionate and in flow with her emotions, whatever they may be. She advises you to lead with your heart today, not your head. When faced with a decision, sit quietly with it and observe how your body feels when thinking about each option. Whichever one feels right for you, go for it. Today is the day for going with your gut instincts. Sometimes you just ‘know’ without knowing how you ‘just know’.

I hope today fills your heart with contentment.

Julie xx