Daily draw – attracting more of what you need

My selenite wand enjoying an outing

Hello again Two of Cups. Lovely to see you beside the Shower of Abundance Angel Oracle card. You make a great pairing!

Current world affairs are affecting everyone to some extent, with rising prices and wages unable to keep up with these rises. It could easily tip us into a Five of Pentacles mindset (poverty mindset – believing everything is scarce). Whilst I would not wish to diminish the impact of the current financial storms, like all other storms, they will pass over.

Of course, abundance doesn’t always refer to money. We can be short of time. Short of co-workers. The list goes on. The Two of Cups shows us a partnership of some sort. This could be an addition to your work team to ease the pressure … allowing you more time to focus on tasks specific to you. It could be as simple as a problem shared is a problem halved, a meeting of minds, two minds thinking alike. The end result is that we may experience a greater abundance of what we need the most.

Whatever you need (need, not want!) I hope it reaches you today., bringing you a sense of relief and contentment.

Julie xx