Daily draw – the importance of self-care

Show yourself some love today!

Happy new month. How is it April already? It’s off to an interesting start here it the UK. One minute we had shorts and t-shirt weather, the next we have the central heating back on and snow showers! April is also the month of Easter and the beginning of Ramadan, and at the heart of it all, love.

Today I’m beginning with the daily Tarot card, the Lovers. What a lovely card to start the new month. It’s a great reminder that love is comes in so many forms. You may be celebrating the love you have for a partner in a long-term partnership, feel passionately about your family, your friends, or be looking for that special person.

If you are searching for that special someone, the Lovers card reminds you to listen to your heart and go with what feels right for you. If this person makes your soul sing and your knees go wobbly, go for it and enjoy!

Tuning in to the energy of today’s Angel Oracle car, I can’t help thinking that it is linked to the Lovers, encouraging you to reward yourself with some self-love (no sniggering please!!)and care. If you demonstrate to the world how you care for yourself, this shows others how to treat you in turn… with loving kindness.

Enjoy the energy of today’s draw and spread love around the world. Heaven knows it could do with a healthy dose of loving right now.

Julie xx