Daily focus – having the courage to move on to new things

Being your own boss can be a scary path to take

The Entrepreneur card has made a few appearances in March. If any of you are toying with the idea of leaving paid employment and working for yourselves this may be the sign you need. Ask your angels to work with you to help you make this life change.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to make it a giant leap. If you are feeling ultra-cautious you could moonlight after work hours on your idea. This will give you a flavour of what things might be like if you strike out on your own.

Meanwhile, the Eight of Cups sees you leaving a situation behind. Although this card is sometimes associated with abandonment, I don’t see it like this. The cups are too neatly stacked to suggest abandonment. To me it feels more like you’ve tried your best, done what you can, yet this situation is no longer in your best interests. Instead of a dramatic exit, you slip away quietly.

The pathway may be hard in places, but better to move on, than stay in a situation that no longer works for you.

When you tie both these cards together it may be that you leave a job that no longer lights your fire, even though those around you will wonder what’s going on in your head. Getting your new venture off the ground will take courage and strength from you, and faith that your angels are working with you for your highest good.

Whether you take that giant leap, or ease into it gently, I wish you bright blessings for your endeavours.

Julie xx