Daily focus – Relax! It’s all in hand

Allow new partners to appear in their own good time

Do you ever find yourselves holding on so tightly to an idea, a goal, yet it seems to be just out of reach? If so, this Angel card is for you. Today the Angels encourage you to have faith and trust that what you need most will come to you, but in good time. You cannot force it to happen any sooner. Release this inner tension and allow the Universe to provide for you.

As to what is being provided, the Two of Cups has a few exciting options that may be coming your way.

For those looking for love, a new partner is on the way. This kindred spirit will likely be on the same wavelength as you. Relax and let this person come to you.

Careerwise, you could be making contact with a business partner or team colleague who will enhance your work life with their energy an enthusiasm. Each of you will benefit from this new synergistic collaboration.

However this new person shows up in your life, know that having faith and trust in the Universe to provide who you need, when you need them, will be of benefit to both of you.

I wish you all a blessed day.

Julie xx