Daily focus – grounding, earthing and rooting

It’s all about roots and grounding today

Today we have a strong message of bringing ourselves out of the clouds and back to earth. It’s great to work on our spiritual selves but not at the expense of our physical needs. Let’s balance it up today.

One of my favourite grounding activities I indulge in, when the weather is suitable, is barefoot yoga in my back garden. Getting into a strong warrior pose or triangle, with my feet firmly rooted in the grass is a great way to tune into Mother Earth. I find it adds a little extra sparkle to my practice, not to mention better balance. Nothing more embarrassing than toppling out of triangle and being slurped on by the dog!

However, the weather is not playing nice today, but it’s not that bad, so another grounding activity I can recommend is gardening. Just now, I have a few tomato seedlings with their first adult leaves waving around. They need to be carefully transplanted to pots for growing on in my conservatory. Hand-scooping potting soil into pots and poking a hole in each one with my finger, ready for a seedling, is so satisfying and grounding… quite literally.

These activities tie in beautifully with today’s tarot card, the Seven of Pentacles. I like to think of this card as the gardener of the deck. He’s tending his garden in the here and now (grounding, as advised by the Angel card) in order to maximise the yield at harvest time.

How can you tend yourselves today to help you have a fruitful future? Keep your body in good condition through movement. Fertilise it with a balanced diet. Whatever you choose to do to nurture yourselves, make sure it is sustainable. We are not looking for results in the next few days or weeks… this is to give yourselves a solid base for our future selves. For me, I’m working on getting as fit and healthy as possible because I’m determined to enjoy Life 2.0 (retirement) when it comes, hopefully this time next year. I fully intend to worry the heck out of my family as they wonder what on earth I’m up to next!!

Incidentally, did you spot today’s crystals? Both of them continue with the grounding and root theme. Haematite is a great crystal for grounding as well as protection, safety and security, while red Tiger’s Eye loves nothing better than to boost the metabolism while strengthening the root chakra.

Wishing you all a healthy, grounded and fruitful day.

Julie xx