weekly focus – time to celebrate

The art of being quiet while celebrating!

What a combination! How on earth are we supposed to find peace, tranquility and stillness to hear heavenly advice while having an all-out celebration? I guess it depends on the type of celebration.

Finding those quiet moments are not as difficult as it may seem. For example, while out celebrating the end of the month pay packet with a little retail therapy, we could take a few deep and quietening breaths while making a decision to buy one item or another, or even both. Just a few moments is all it might take to quieten the mind, listen to our intuition and make wise choices.

With the item or items packaged and ready to take home, we can enjoy the celebration that is having enough to treat ourselves. Of course, retail therapy is not everyone’s idea of celebration. Just look at the ladies in the Three of Cups. They look like they are celebrating with a bit of a boogie and who knows what in those golden goblets. Personally speaking, I hope it’s a fabulous gin and tonic or some bubbly!

On another level, this week’s celebration theme may simply refer to gratitude for our close friends, our work families, and others who stick by us through thick and thin. Speaking of work, if there’s a creative project on our horizons, then this card is calling us to work with others to bring the project to a successful conclusion. I often think that collaboration leads to greater synergy an better than expected results, so go out there and synergise!

Whatever the reason to celebrate and whatever form those celebrations take, have a safe and healthy week.

Julie xx