Daily draw – same card, different day

Some of my morning ritual tools

Either my shuffling skills are sadly lacking this morning, or the oracle card message is being shouted form the rooftops! What do you think?

Time to go, could refer to stop going back to a toxic situation, or perhaps current employment is coming to an end. Personally speaking, with the company I work for being bought out by another, I think, for me, this is my current role and team dynamics coming to an end.

Whatever is coming to end for us in general right now, the Two of Cups is an encouraging sign that a new cycle, new partnership or new synergy is about to begin. It will be based on mutual attraction, a common purpose or even a business partnership. However it takes shape, it’s clear that we need to walk away smartly from old, tired and/or toxic situations and allow new ones into our lives for our mutual benefit.

Here’s hoping the message is getting through. I wish you all an exiting new partnership in your lives.

Julie xx

P.S. As I will be away this weekend, catching up on birthday celebrations that were postponed due to Covid, there won’t be any daily draws this weekend.