Daily focus – it’s life lesson time this week

Stalker oracle card and karmic lessons

Today we have a stalker Angel Oracle card. “Time to go” popped up earlier this week, along with The Wheel of Fortune reversed. It seems there’s much karmic energy on the move this week, as here we have another major arcana card in the reversed position. On the whole, this may indicate that we are not paying enough attention to the life lessons around us.

As the oracle card suggests, it is time for this cycle to end, the cycle of not paying attention to our intuition, not taking time to take on board the lessons, or even being afraid to face the lessons. Whatever the reason for our reluctance, these lessons will not go away until we deal with them.

Some key questions to ask:

  • What are we holding back from?
  • In what way do we feel we are not ready to move forward with a project?
  • Are we afraid of the unknown?
  • Are we taking too many risks at the moment?

Journaling with these questions or meditating on them may shed some light on what’s going on around us this week and how we can best learn the lessons for our highest good.

Wishing you all a blessed and healthy day.

Julie xx