Daily focus – reframe your mindset

Glass half empty or half full?

Today’s Angel Oracle card advises us to find some peace and quiet in order to tap into angelic advice and our intuition. When we are surrounded by technology (yes, I know the irony of blogging about going tech-free!), demands on our attention and the general hustle and bustle of modern life, it can be hard to carve out some protected time to unplug. However, the advice is not to completely unplug forever, but to book in some downtime with ourselves. Even as little as 5 minutes will help us sit and tune in to angelic guidance. That’s not much out of an entire 24 hours!

Who knows, maybe we can use this quiet time to examine our mindset. The five of Pentacles reminds us that always looking at life with a ‘glass half empty’ mind set, will simply attract more of the same, becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead of looking at what we don’t have (social media sucks us down the rabbit-hole of continually comparing ourselves with others), look at what we do have. Turn away from what is not working and focus on what is. By doing this mental exercise, in the quiet of our minds, we can become a glass half full person again.

Mind you, the engineers amongst us would probably point out that no matter which way we look at it, the glass is clearly too big for its purpose!

And on that note, I will finish by wishing you all a blessed and healthy day.

Julie xx