Weekly focus – Spring-cleaning the mind, body and spirit

Recharge your batteries

Before delving into this week’s focus, I must apologise for the radio silence of last week. Having successfully avoided catching covid, the sneaky wee virus finally got me. I guess this is further proof of what happens when you ignore the Hanged Man being drawn two days in a row from two different decks! Silly me.

After an enforced pause, due to a combination of house arrest (voluntary self-isolation) and generally feeling crappy, I’m back. I’m not out of house arrest yet. My ten days are not up till tomorrow midnight! The upside of this downtime is that I had plenty of time to relax into doing my own daily readings, a weekly reading for you lovely readers and a Spring Equinox reading as I’m in the northern hemisphere.

What a joy it was to celebrate Ostara (Spring Equinox) at home, in my garden, sun shining (at long last), birds chirping cheerfully and my cards to hand. The long winter is now over. The Angel oracle card for Energy Work is a call to carry out some spring cleaning of the body, mind and spirit… blow the cobwebs out! How you choose to do this largely depends on what needs spring cleaning the most. Something as simple as a walk outside in the fresh air will often do the trick on all levels. However, if you feel you need a little extra something, why not try a Tai Chi session, Reiki or yoga? There’s no need for it to be a grand gesture … the Star is a good indicator that simplicity is the way forward.

What a wonderful card to draw at this special time. The Star is synonymous with renewal and hope… the perfect accompaniment to Spring. It’s time to sweep away self-doubt and limiting beliefs and tune in to the Divine and loving energy that surrounds us. Appreciate yourself for who you are, knowing that anything is possible as long as you allow the magic of creation to flow around you.

Now is a great time to make significant changes in your life, dusting off the old self, and welcoming the new, higher version of yourself. Start with the basics: positive affirmations; mantras; cleaner eating and getting your body moving may be helpful in improving body, mind and spirit.

Wishing you all a blessed and healthy week.

Julie xx