Daily draw – Be mindful of your thoughts!

Oooo! Our first reversal of this month. Did it have to be Swords? I have to confess, this is not one of my favourite cards, no matter which way up it appears. That said, whatever the issue that prompts its appearance, it will be over soon enough.

The mind is more powerful than we give it credit for. I am reminded of a quote:

If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.

Louise Hay

I believe that reversals pop up when we need to look at the internal energy of the card. In this case, the Nine of Swords reversed is asking us to examine the tales we are telling ourselves. Have we been talking down to ourselves? Is reality really as bad as we’ve told ourselves? Are we working on an “all or nothing” principal that does not allow for flexibility? Is that the dreaded ‘What If” gremlin perched on your shoulder, whispering fears in your ears? What if we fail at x,y or z?

A mind in turmoil is not able to see a way out of its current situation. Time to take the advice from the Angel Oracle card and bring ourselves back into balance. Instead of holding on to our inner fears, talk them through with a trusted confidante. The very act of giving a voice to them, whilst it doesn’t solve the, can dilute their effect on your state of mind.

The situation is rarely as bad as we imagine, and we humans can imagine all sorts of weird distortions! Yoga breath work or meditation breath work can help restore our perspective, calm our minds and allow us to see a pathway towards recovery, or out of the situation. Just remember to nurture those early shoots of recovery.!

Wishing you health and happiness wherever you are.

Julie xx