Daily draw – the importance of hydration and learning to say ‘no!’

More water? Yes please. A shiny new offer? Yes, no maybe?

On a lovely sunny, early Spring day, I’ve love nothing better than to head off to the coast, probably Whitby (my favourite nearest seaside town), and enjoy walking along the shoreline, maybe even dip my toes in as advised by the Angel Oracle card. But what do you do if this just isn’t possible? Well, you can use your imagination. Take a few minutes to meditate and picture yourself on your favourite beach. Bring to mind the salty sea air, the feel of sand between your toes with the waves gently lapping round your feet.

If the seaside isn’t your thing, you could run yourself a bath with all your favourite bubbles, candles and soothing music. Bliss. I can almost feel myself relax at the thought of it.

On a basic level, this card can simply mean you need to be mindful of your water intake! For me, waking up with a snotty cold and sore throat (testing negative so far for the dreaded COVID) this morning, it’s going to be necessary to stay hydrated. Somehow, I get the feeling that I didn’t pay as much attention to two day’s worth of Hanged Men and now the universe has stomped on my brakes… giving me a yucky cold! Point taken universe.

Today’s Tarot advice comes in the form of the Four of Cups. In a way, this is connected to the Hanged Man in that meditation and reevaluating a current situation is advised… but maybe just not from hanging upside down! Look closely at offers coming your way. Are they what you really want? Do you need more information before making a decision? Take your time before answering. If the answer is no… then be bold and say no. It’s quite liberating!

On the other hand, maybe what is on offer, or the situation in question is no longer exciting. You may need to unplug from the world for a while, check in with yourself about what would be exciting to you. How would you chase this down? However, be careful not to completely disconnect. You never know who might come up with a fabulous, exciting oportunity for you.

Wishing you a healthy and safe day, wherever you are.

Julie xx