Daily draw – International Women’s Day

Perfect draw for International Women’s Day!

You couldn’t ask for a more apt daily draw to celebrate International Women’s Day! The Angel Oracle card advises us to see those around us, and ourselves, through the eyes of Angels… to see only love. When we are frightened, this card encourages us to focus on our desires instead of our fears. Using the universal law of attraction, this will help us out of sticky situations.

Meanwhile, we have the High Priestess, queen of sacred knowledge, the divine feminine and intuition. She stands on the border between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. She advises us to be still and tune into our inner wisdom. On today of all days, be proud to be/identify as women. Show the world how we nurture each other and ourselves, how to trust the universe to have our backs, to engage our senses and above all, show empathy to those around us. Heaven knows, we need those qualities in abundance today.

Wishing everyone and bright and blessed day.

Julie xx