Daily draw – look who’s back again!

Getting to the heart of the matter with the Hanged Man

Looks like I’m being stalked by the Hanged Man! Not content with popping up in yesterday’s weekly focus draw, here he is again, from a different deck. Well I guess I’d better take my own advice from yesterday’s post and put the brakes on, be a human being, instead of my usual energizer bunny self.

Here’s what I’m going to do, based on yesterday’s weekly focus Angel card and today’s card, combined with the energy of the Hanged Man: take time out to meditate on what would make my heart happy, note anything that comes up, pratice some yoga inversion poses to see what pops up, and pull a card or two to complete the picture. I’ll let you know how it goes later on.

How about you, my lovely readers? How can you take time out to show yourself a little love, energize your heart chakra?

Wishing you all the brightest of blessings.

Julie xx