Should I stay or go?

Every so often the Entrepreneur card pops up for me. After two years of COVID disruption, all of us have had time to reevaluate our careers, home lives and even take up new hobbies that were once only the stuff of dreams. Some of us may have started businesses of our own, channeling our inner entrepreneurs, having decided that corporate life does not support our highest selves.

It’s a huge decision to make. Like the Two of Swords, we may be faced with a stalemate. On one hand there is the comfort of the known knowns such as regular income, in-service benefits etc. On the other hand, the chance to be your own boss and dance to your own tune has rewards you can’t put a price on. When you line up the pros and cons of each choice, there is very little to swing the decision one way or another.

So how to move forwards when the Two of Swords presents? Even if you do not choose between your options, you have still made a choice. For me, I prefer to use a combination of head thinking (Swords) and heart thinking (Cups), and if all else fails, draw another card or two to clarify the situation.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t stay stuck. Reach out to me and we can work together to uncover advice to help your decision-making process.

As I will be away this weekend, attending a friend’s wedding (this is the third date due to COVID… third time’s a charm!) I will not post again until Monday. Until then, stay safe and well.

Brightest blessings

Julie xx