Weekly focus – 14th February 2022

Go for it!

Last week we focussed on the things we’d achieved to date, remembering the hard work and sacrifices that helped us get there. This week the focus has moved to action! Whatever brilliant idea you’ve got, this is the week the get to work on getting you ideas off the notepad an into reality.

Taking time out from our normal day-to-day rushing around, racing against the clock, sitting peacefully and simply being, is a lovely way to recharge one’s batteries. That quiet time allows our intuition to be heard. Often, this is where the best ideas come from.

Have you ever spent so long looking for solutions that you know are just out there, only to find you have a blank sheet of paper at the end of it? The more you try, the more elusive the solution. At this point, many of us just keep trying, because that’s what we’re trained to do. I used to do this too. But since I work from home, nobody can see how I work through those blank moments.

Taking a break from the desk, walking outside, even if it’s in the office car park, can be enough to loosen our minds and allow our intuition to be heard. So, this week, take a break, and take another one. Walk outside, or at least away from your desk. Focus on your breath as you walk… and let your mind wander. Take note of things that pop up. This is your blue-sky thinking session. One of those ideas will spark off a whole new train of thoughts, ideas and solutions. Trust them to work for your highest good.

How nice that we have The Star’s energy to accompany us this week. She brings us hope, a sense of purpose and appreciation for all you have. If you are feeling a little drained, following the recent Mercury Retrograde, now is a good time to use your new ideas and intuition, to recharge your batteries.

As we will experience a Full Moon in Leo this week, you could help your intuition along with a few journaling prompts:

  • How can I express my inner lion/lioness strength this year?
  • How has my courageous inner lion/lioness assisted my personal growth?
  • What have I achieved since the last New Moon?
  • What can I release and let go of?

Feel free to share your insights and advice in the comments section below.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

Julie xx