Weekly focus – 7th February 2022

New month, new tarot deck

As I look back over the past week, I realise that a decent sleep has been so elusive that the ability to receive good guidance from my dreams just didn’t stand a chance. It seems the tighter I hold onto and idea or outcome, the more ‘blocked’ my intuition feels. Does this happen to you too?

So this week the focus is to let it go of things we just can’t control. Here are a few examples I have in mind for myself:

  • The need to know exactly what will happen with the company I work for and the takeover/integration processes
  • The need to know if my boss has been successful with HR – possible promotion (seems like an odd thing to ‘let go’, but fretting over it won’t make it happen)
  • As I’m still carrying a few extra Christmas pounds around my waistline, I’d like to let go of these too!

What are you holding onto that’s blocking your energy flow? Share in the comments section below… or if you feel there’s a block but are unsure what to do about it, contact me for intuitive guidance.

Now on to the tarot card for this week. The observant reader will notice I’m using a new deck this week – Legends, by Anne Stokes. In her deck, Wands are represented by Unicorns. As I’ve drawn the 6, I feel this is a reminder to let loose our inner unicorns and celebrate all that has achieved so far. While celebrating, it is also important to recognise the cost of successes. Keeping these ‘costs’ in mind helps us to remain humble while enjoying the recognition of our achievements. Temperance anyone?!

So, as you go through your week, let go of the things you just can’t control, be proud of what you’ve achieved, and acknowledge what had to be done to get there.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Julie xx