31st January 2022 – weekly tarot focus

Ideas and dreams working in harmony

Last week was quite a rollercoaster ride! I took angelic advice to hydrate as much as possible, which helped my brain function better during the ups and downs of the week. Still no news on the old promotion, but we had news on the takeover bid… our shareholders said yes! Striking a balance between the needs of the company, my possible promotion and my overall goals, took quite a bit of energy. Still, let’s see what this week brings.

To me the Seven of Cups reminds me of being a kid in a sweet shop. All those new opportunities and wishes are there, ready for me to make a choice. Mind you, it’s important to remember to be careful what you wish for… not everything you want is good for you.

Some cups hold wealth and good fortune, while others hold trouble! So the key to this week is to look beyond the glitter and appeal of opportunities and offers. Consult with the higher self for trustworthy guidance before making any big decisions.

I can’t help wondering if a promotion might come decorated with laurel wreaths like the cup 2nd from right, bottom row, or be more like the image on the same cup, the skull, poison? The same question could be asked of the new company integration process. A full reading on career and development plans would be ideal in this situation.

Which reminds me, I carried out two tarot readings specifically designed for two career ladies. Together we worked on an intuitive work development plan for 2022. If this is something you’d like me to do for you, please get in touch via the Contact page.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

Julie xx