When two decks are in agreement!

My morning draw – “What do I need to know today?”

Sometimes I swear my Angel deck and my Rider-Waite deck are communicating with each other and me! This is my draw for today. A fabulous day ahead, especially for a Monday.

On opening my inbox at work this morning, I saw an email from my line manager – supporting my application for promotion, his boss agreeing, and asking if they’d captured all the supporting evidence to take my case to HR! Wow!!

I wasn’t expecting this. I was hoping for it, but not expecting it. I know I’ve worked hard for it, but the company is about to be bought over so I thought promotions would be halted for now… apparently not!

Still, I have this one last hurdle to clear. Even if things don’t work out, I’m a happy wee bunny, knowing my managers believe in me.

How’s your Monday shaping up? Share in the comments section.

Stay safe and healthy.