What’s in store for this week?

Focus for this week – 24th Jan

Last week’s reading featured making good progress and moving on from disappointment. Progress has, indeed, been made. At least towards a fitter and healthier me. But the career progress is looking less likely. Hey Ho! I’ll not fret over it. There’s much work to do in the meantime.

Angelic advice this week focuses on water. As I don’t live near the coast, there’s little chance of dipping my toes in the sea. However, I could focus more on staying hydrated and bringing to mind trips to my favourite beach, Watergate Bay, Cornwall. It’s my go-to place when I need to cheer up.

Now onto the Two of Pentacles. For me, I see each of those as my two team mates. I have a project kicking off this week. One colleague will be super helpful, but the other has to be dragged kicking a screaming to the table. I need to find some sort of balance between pushing and pulling to get this project finished successfully.

If you look at the outline between the two pentacles, the sign for infinity is there, reminding me that I can tap into the universe for endless help in this matter.

How will you find balance this week with all you are responsible for? Pop your observations in the comments section.

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Wishing you all a safe and healthy week.

Julie xx