What’s the focus for w/c 17th January?

Transitions can be blessings in disguise

Last week ‘s draw focussed on noticing the signs (the Angel card) and tapping into my earth mother energy. Earth-mothering seemed to take place in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and generally cooking up some delicious meals for the family. Meanwhile signs came in Robin form. Every time I stepped out into our garden I was aware of being watched… always by a Robin. I guess one of my ancestors must be watching over me. Nice 😍

This week’s focus is a reminder that I’m on the right path. That pathway looks like I’m moving from stormy waters to calmer things. This pretty much sums up my working life at the moment. The company I work for is being bought out so my job is at risk. However, as the boats is heading into smoother seas, I’m happy that no matter what happens, I’ll be fine… just sad to say goodbyes to my lovely colleagues, and sad to see the end of the company I know, if I’m staying on. Fingers crossed the new organisation has room for me.

If you’re in a similar situation, how are you approaching this change? I’m reminded of a useful book for just such occasions – “Who Moved My Cheese” – Dr Spencer Johnson.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week ahead, whatever is in store for you. xx