Focus for the week

Focus for the week

I love Sundays for chilling out and planning the week ahead. As part of my planning I always like to draw an Angel oracle card and one Tarot card to give me a heads up on what to focus on for the forthcoming week.

As you can see, my focus will be on channeling my earth mother persona this week, while keeping an eye of for those lovely signs that I’m being watched over by ancestors.

As a full-time working parent, I feel this is card reminds me to keep a balance between home and work… easier as I work from home anyway. On the home front, I’ll be creating some culinary magic with my new recipe book… well that’s the plan at least. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Career-wise, I’m still holding out for a promotion, with additional responsibilities, all very typical of the Queen of Pentacles. I’m hopeful that her turning up this week is a good indication of positive moves in this direction.

What will you be focussing on this week to manifest your dreams?

Wishing you a safe and healthy week.

Julie xx